My interests are various: e. g. all that's living, chess, the TV series  X-FILES, and UFOs and related objects.


Some of numerous fascinating animals:


      Ant head close-up               Black Widow                  Mantis                   Nautilus                          Octopus                    Albino

Watch the big versions by clicking on the pics!

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Bird-eating spiders:  Mexican Redleg    Mexican Redknee   Arachnomania

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Three pawns Textures
Chess from a raytracer's point of view    a fascinating play with colors, lights, and shadows. To get to know more about "tracing rays" look here: Persistance Of Vision Raytracer, Moray.

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The X-Files    Mulder & Scully try to find the truth out there. Will they succeed?

 Mulder & Scully       Deep, deep outside
  Die X-Akten (in English)  Pro-7-X-Akten-Seite (in German)

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 Human anatomy:  Just a man  The Visible Human Project 

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Vehement discussed project

and exhibition in Germany:

Take your skin!

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Are UFOs really real objects in the sky or fakes?

UFO near airbase   Nine UFOs?   Flying disk?

gehko.gif  Real UFO construction (Germany, 1945). Please click on the pic!


   Are you interested in strange, unnatural phenomena? Please follow this Link


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