Parasitic disease of the honeybees   - -  Varroatosis  
Since more than twenty years I've been working on the varroa disease of honeybees. Long before the USA were afflicted by this parasitic mite, European countries were suffering from this plague. I'm very interested to get to know new information about varroa in the USA. So, anybody reading this who has information on Varroatosis in the USA (but also in South/Central America, Australia, etc.) please, drop me a line 

  Two mites on a pupae O, bad . . .  Like a UFOPortrait (click pic!) 
Sex! (click pic!) Wonna see Varroa while mating? Apis  A Honeybee


Varroa SEM picture (45052 Byte) Varroa on pupae           Bee diseases (111607 Byte) Honey bee diseases (Foul-/Chalkbrood)


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